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Life Skills Training

AiMHi has been a leader in providing Community Living Services in Prince George for over 65 years. We are proud to support all members of our community in living their best lives.

Life Skills

Life Skills offers training and support to adults who have a developmental disability and children who have special needs.

These services focus is to teach individuals independence in daily living.

We assess a person’s skill level by doing a strengths and needs assessment. With this information, the individual, employees, families, advocates, and significant others work together to develop short-term goals.


Adult Life Skills offers training and support to individuals, 19 years and older, who have developmental disabilities. We provide services to people who live on their own or to people preparing to live on their own. Our mission is to help people live as full citizens in their community. We offer services that are uniquely tailored to each person’s goals and needs. The times and days are flexible and are based on personal choice.

We are a strength-based, person-centered service that focuses on the positive qualities and accomplishments of each person. We provide opportunities for people to learn about themselves, explore their strengths and challenges, develop interpersonal communication skills, employability skills and build relationships with others.

Adult Life Skills provides training and supports in the CLBC 8 Life Domains. Specific supports in each domain include the following (but not limited to):

Personal Development
Home Management
Safety Training
Transportation Training
Self Determination
Education Exploration and Supports

Interpersonal Relationships
Socialization Skill Building
Social Inclusion
Leisure and Recreational Connections
Accessing Community Resources

Emotional Well Being
Health and Wellness Supports
Physical Well Being
Nutrition and Meal Planning
Material Well Being
Financial Management

How to Access Adult Life Skills

For Individuals who are not currently accessing services from Adult Life Skills and would like to start services, please call Community Living British Columbia (CLBC) at 250-645-4065. Individuals will be referred and funded by CLBC to receive services from Adult Life Skills.

Skill Development

Skill Development provides support to adults who live with their family and/or are preparing to live on their own.


Outreach provides support to adults who live on their own or with a roommate.

Personal Supports Initiative (PSI)

PSI provides services to adults who have both significant limitations in adaptive functioning and either a diagnosis of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) or Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).


Children’s Life Skills supports children (age 0-18) who have special needs and are referred by the Children and Youth with Special Needs (CYSN) Team. Parents then meet with a Life Skills Instructor and sign a contract for their child. Contract goals for the child are defined by the parents and social worker. The times and days are flexible and are based on the needs of the child or youth and their family.

Children’s Life Skills works with children and their families to develop skills in MCFD ‘s 5 Skill Development Areas:

Pro-Social Skills
Life Skills

Independence and Transition

How to Access Children’s Life Skills

To get a referral to this service, call CYSN at 250-565-4151 and speak to a social worker.

For more information contact:

Adult Life Skills/ Children’s Life Skills
950 Kerry Street
Prince George, BC V2M 5A3
Telephone: (250) 564-6408


Skill-Building Library

Prince George and District Skill-Building Library – sponsored by AiMHi!

A Community lending library of toys for children, ages birth to 19 years.

Located at 950 Kerry Street.
Hours : Monday – Friday 8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
Coordinators available: Tuesday and Fridays 11:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.

The Skill-Building Library is open to anyone who can use items from our collection. We have things to help with specific skills; fine motor and social, but mostly they are just fun to play with. We also have some parenting resources.

There is no charge and toys are usually borrowed for a month but can be kept longer if needed. We also accept donations of used toys.

All families and professionals are invited to drop in and have a look!

Contact Penny Soderena-Sutton at 250-564-6408, extension 246 to book an appointment for a tour and review of the lending process.

“We acknowledge the financial support of the Province of British Columbia”

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