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Community Inclusion

AiMHi has been a leader in providing Community Living Services in Prince George for over 65 years. We are proud to support all members of our community in living their best lives.

Community Options

The purpose of the Community Options Services are to teach skill development through participation in community oriented activities. These services operate from Monday to Saturday with flexible hours to meet the needs of the people we support. We are able to provide opportunities for bonus/extra hours and assist people in participating in various group community activities. Some of the various skill development areas that we teach while out in the community include street crossing, purchasing, socializing, making choices, accessing various agencies, and developing friendships. We also promote and support the people we serve to obtain and maintain volunteer work placements to support their community.

Integration is a major focus of the Community Options. These services assist individuals with developmental disabilities to develop skills that will enhance their independence and participation in a variety of activities in their community.

Community Involvement: The employees work with individuals to assist them in actively participating in community services and opportunities.

Relationship Building: Friendship is a valuable element of a full and satisfying lifestyle for everyone. The employees at Community Options will provide support and assist individuals to build relationships with others.

Skills Development: Community Options employees will assist individuals to enhance their skills through a variety of community settings.

What does Community Options have to Offer?

Community Options strives to create a friendly and enjoyable atmosphere in order to encourage social participation in the community.

Develop social networks and connections with the community.

Support systems: Emphasize physical, social and emotional awareness to encourage and promote self-care. This includes but is not limited to areas of: Relationships and communication, personal and professional development, nutrition, movement, exercise and rest.

Various activities in the community including: exercise, cooking skills, swimming, various classes, volunteer work, workshops, clubs, and many other recreation related activities.
Active communication and cooperation of the person and their support network. Contact and information provided via e-mail, phone, newsletters, Community Options Survey, individual meetings, etc.

We strive to provide the following on an ongoing basis:

Be positive role-models
Provide emotional support and feedback while promoting social skills by offering the opportunity for people to establish new relationships and maintain current ones.
Identify needs and desires of the people receiving services: Work on personal, social and vocational goals using skill development, community networking and integration.

Contact Our Team

For more information contact the Community Options Manager Harman Singh at 250-564-6408, ext 313.

The Community Options Services are for adults referred by Community Living British Columbia (CLBC).

If you are interested in this service, please call CLBC at 250-645-4065.


Common Goods

Raise Money by Selling Unwanted Clothing!

AiMHi collects and sells clothing and household items to Value Village.
Now AiMHi wants to share the opportunity with your Community Group!
We will pay $1.00 for every large bag of clothing your community group collects. Note: a large garbage bag is approximately 26 x 36 inches, and a weight of 15 to 20 pounds.

How It Works

  • Set your pick-up date and location
  • Plan your clothing drive
  • Collect clothes
  • AiMHi picks up bags of clothing on agreed date and location
  • AiMHi pays you $1.00 for each bag

Example of Acceptable Items for Donation

Clothing for men, women and children
Accessories (belts, hats, scarves)
Purses, wallets, backpacks and bags
Shoes and boots
Towels, tablecloths, curtains and linens
Under garments, nylons and socks
Blankets, bedding and pillows

Where Does the Money Go?

When items are picked up, AiMHi ‘Common Goods’ program sells them to Value Village stores, profits go toward AiMHi programs.

The profit from the sale of donated items benefits adults and children who have disabilities. We use the funds to enhance existing employment programs, as well as further develop our programs to meet the changing needs of people. In other words, your donations help us support people to have better lives.

How to Get Started?

Call 250-564-9402 or 250-640-0402.
Fill out our online pick-up form to schedule a pick-up.
AiMHi’s Common Goods Program

As you may be aware there has been ongoing concerns with the large outdoor donation bins used for the collection of gently used products. These have unfortunately resulted in some tragic situations since being implemented with a couple of re-designs along the way that have not been successful to date.
AiMHi has been diligently working on a resolution and would like to take the lead on new strategies to ensure these tragic events do not happen to anyone else. We are committed and making it a priority to keep the public safe. We have been working on a new design for collecting donations from the public.

We value the donations that are provided by our community to support AiMHi in their fundraising efforts and partnership with Value Village. We do not want to eliminate this valuable donation resource nor exclude our community from supporting us with this recycling opportunity. We do want to provide a viable safe alternative while ensuring items do not go to the landfill unnecessarily when they can be recycled. AiMHi believes the community also feels strongly about supporting a new safer alternative for the collection of products. We strongly feel this is the future alternative of replacing collection bins and is safe for all.

AiMHi is also very proud of the fact that while we provide this service we also include this valuable resource as an opportunity to train people through this partnership. We have people who work on the truck during pickups and drop offs, as well as people in the office training when they are making calls to the public. Many of these people, once completed the training program find employment within our community using the skills they have learned through this partnership program. We would like to ask for your support by placing one of these new wire bin systems inside your place of business. There are 2 different sizes of wire bins to choose from to accommodate your specific needs each with a locking wheel system. You could place them in any location where your staff and the public could easily drop donated items into it.

We would have regular scheduled pick-ups to collect the donated items. There will be signage on the wire bins to alert people what they are used for, who they are supporting and what kinds of products could be recycled.

We are asking you to support this new safer concept of recycling while making a difference in your community and supporting our fundraising needs.

Thank you

Sandra Beningfield
Director of Services AiMHi Prince George Association for Community Living
250-564-6408 Ext.240
Cell 250-961-9709

We will pick up your unwanted goods from your home!

Contact us and we will pick up your donations. All you have to do is place your donations out on your driveway! Click here to fill out our Common Goods online form
Not only do your donations translate into funds for much needed services, but it provides employment opportunities for people who have special needs!
Our message is simple – donating means recycling reusable items and helping AiMHi at the same time. It really is a win – win situation.

Please donate

  • Jeans
  • Long Sleeve Shirts
  • Sweaters
  • Coats
  • Active Sportswear
  • Scarves
  • Hats
  • Gloves/Mittens
  • Shoes & Boots for the Family
  • Bed and Bath Linens
  • Home Décor, Housewares and Small Electrics

The Bistro

The Bistro offers a place to eat, and visit. The Bistro is a cozy, quaint little spot, decorated with painted ceiling tiles, mementos from the school children that once used this space. It’s a place where everyone can relax, meet friends for coffee, and enjoy themselves.

The Kerry Street Kitchen is also open for lunch 11:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Daily Specials are posted in advance. Lunch and Soup Cards are available! Each Thursday from 8:30 a.m. – 10:00 a.m. there are fresh Egg, Ham and English Muffin Sandwich’s available for breakfast or maybe a homemade delicious cinnamon bun would be a great treat. These are available only on the last Wednesday of every month.


Snoezelen Room


The word SNOEZELEN is derived from the Dutch words for “to doze” and “to sniff”. The purpose of the room is to provide a non-threatening environment that gives children and adults with learning and developmental disabilities a multi-sensory experience.

Enter the magical world of SNOEZELEN…a wonderful blend of sights, sounds, textures, and aromas…an environment filled with fascinating visual displays that surround and absorb. Here, colourful objects beckon to be touched and admired. Orbiting images, lights and colours make interesting diversions. Electronic devices with buttons and switches entice the user to reach out and explore. Gentle vibrations and massage soothe the body and reduce stress. The atmosphere fills with pleasant sounds.

The SNOEZELEN environment is safe and non-threatening. Children and adults with disabilities, or other limiting conditions, enjoy gentle stimulation of the primary senses. There is no need for intellectual reasoning. Participants experience self-control, autonomous discovery and exploration—achievements that overcome inhibitions, enhance self-esteem and reduce tension. Free from the expectations of others—and far away from the pressures of directed care—they recuperate and relax.

Research has shown that multi-sensory environments offer a wealth of benefits, often affording the participant and caregiver an opportunity to improve communications, enhance their understanding of each other, and build trust in their relationships.

SNOEZELEN is a wonderful experience to enjoy and share…a place that replenishes the spirit.

This is the beauty of the SNOEZELEN Room. While it offers stimulation, it is at the same time comfortable and relaxing. There is no rush and no competition or pressure. It is a safe haven to experience new sensations and experiences.

Hours : Monday – Friday 8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Booking enquires can be made at Reception. Open to the community.
Phone: (250) 564-6408, ext. 0

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We at AiMHi acknowledge and are grateful to be working and learning on the unceded ancestral lands of the Lheidli T'enneh First Nation and McLeod Lake Indian band.