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Many individuals choose to help AiMHi by making a one-time financial gift that fits their budget. A gift of any amount is sincerely appreciated and will be acknowledged and recognized. So, whether you want to make a gift to AiMHi of $5.00, $50.00, $500.00 or $5000.00 or any other amount that you are comfortable giving, you can do so by using the donate button below.

There are a large number of people who choose to help by committing to making a gift, in any amount comfortable to them, each month. You can arrange to make your monthly gift by simply clicking on a subscription link below.







Corporate sponsorships are greatly appreciated. If you own or manage a business and want to support the work of AiMHi in your community we will sincerely appreciate the gift of your choice. Your financial gift or your gift of product or services will help AiMHi help people in your community. And, of course, we will provide appropriate acknowledgement and recognition of your corporate support in a manner acceptable to you. For more information please contact:

To learn more about the tax advantages of making a donation in the form of a financial security, please speak with your financial planner or contact: or call 250-564-6408

You can donate a significant Legacy Gift whether you are a person of average or modest financial resources and certainly you can create a Legacy Gift if you are a person with substantial financial and property assets. The first step is a decision to do so followed by careful planning.

Why would you leave a Legacy Gift?
Every person who gives has their own very personal and very important reason for giving. Frequently it is because you have a personal interest in helping other people, in making a difference in our community, or because you have a sense of hope and confidence that when we work together we contribute to creating a better community for us all to live, work and play in. You care deeply about supporting people with disabilities so that they can enjoy being included in community life.
You have family or friends and you want to know that they will continue to receive ongoing quality care and support.
You want to ensure that all people are valued and included.
you know and trust AiMHi because AiMHi has been a valued part of the fabric of our community for more than 60 years, since 1957, ensuring that people with developmental disabilities and their families receive the services they need to experience life to its fullest potential.
With your legacy gift, you become our partner in a commitment to deliver the kind of quality services you want to ensure are sustainably available because that means you are helping create a bright future for people with developmental disabilities.
What are the benefits to me and my family of a Legacy gift?
Creating a planned Legacy Gift does not affect your immediate cash flow situation. Therefore, you do not have to be concerned about making any changes in your current lifestyle.
Depending on how you plan the timing of your gift your actions can provide taxation benefits to you as the donor during your lifetime or to your estate in the year the assets are gifted.
you get the satisfaction of clearly communicating your philanthropic goals and being part of organizing how your gift will make a difference in the lives of people in the future.
What is involved in leaving a Legacy Gift?
First and foremost, after you decide you want to create a Legacy Gift, you must do some planning and clarify your goals.
In the planning process you will choose which of many possible ways to create a legacy that works best for you and your family.
There are many ways to create your Legacy:

  1. You can stipulate in your will that a portion of your estate is to be used to create your planned Legacy.
  2. You can assign existing Life Insurance policies or create new Life insurance policies to fund your Legacy.
  3. You may wish to give all or some portion of your real estate holdings to your Legacy. (That lakeside cabin?)
  4. Existing annuities might be transferred to your Legacy.
  5. You may have accumulated cash or securities that you can transfer now or later to your Legacy based on your needs.
  6. If you have RRSP’s or RRIF’s there may be significant tax benefits in placing all or part of them into your Legacy.
  7. You might simply allocate a portion of your assets through your Will to suit yourself and your family, with instructions that any remaining assets be placed in your Legacy.

All of these options are best discussed with your trusted financial adviser. If you do not have one we can provide an introduction to qualified, independent professionals practicing in our community. If you wish you can meet one of them by attending one of our scheduled information workshops.

What do I do next to explore creating a Legacy gift?
You can start by contacting and we will give you all the assistance and information that we can to assist you to do what you choose to do.
You should also consult with a qualified professional, such as your financial advisor, estate planner or accountant. They will be able to explain the various options available to you in order for you to make informed decisions. It is essential that you have quality independent professional advice to ensure that you consider all of your personal needs during your lifetime as well as explore all taxation benefits.
You will also want to ensure that you have made provisions in any way you choose to for members of your family as you prepare your will and make plans for leaving a Legacy Gift. Your advisor will help you do this.
Please know, that you do not have to tell AiMHi of your plan to create a Legacy Gift for AiMHi, or any of the details; that is entirely up to you.
If you wish to be recognized for your gift clearly you need to tell us. Again, that is entirely up to you. We will help as much as you want us to.

If you choose to create a legacy gift you not only help AiMHi financially, you also ensure that the organization remains vibrant and continues to offer people with developmental difficulties dynamic opportunities to exercise their right to lead full lives for decades to come.
It is equally important that you feel that you are doing something that is of great interest to you; that contributes to your personal sense of having made a difference in your community for people you care about.

To learn more about our Common Goods Program please visit the Common Goods Program page.

Become Involved

The Heart of AiMHi is you!

You can become a volunteer in several capacities

  • Become a member of AiMHi
  • Working Committees
    • Fundraising Committee
    • Accreditation Committees
  • Become involved in our community events
    • AiMHi needs the help of dedicated volunteers like you when hosting events

We value our close community connections and we look forward to working with you.
Together we can make a difference.

Please contact: or call 250-564-6408

The Society does its best to ensure that all information is recorded accurately—if you notice any errors in our correspondence with you or if your personal information changes, please contact us at (250) 564-6408 ext. 258 or to update your file.

If you do not wish to be contacted by phone, mail, or email, please contact us and we will ensure that your request is honoured.

If you have any questions about the Society’s privacy policy or concerns about the way that your information is being used, please contact us.