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Infant Development Program

The AiMHi Infant Development Program (IDP) has been in operation since 1979. The Infant Development Program services children from birth to three years of age who are at risk for, or who may have a delay in development. Your participation is voluntary.

What is the Infant Development Program?

  • Support to Parents in planning activities that encourage child development
  • Home visiting program
  • Assessment to identify specific areas of developmental delay
  • Consultants are professionals with special training in early child development, assessment and activities
  • Funding is provided by the Ministry for Children and Family Development (MCFD) with local sponsorship by non-profit societies in a number of communities throughout BC
  • Offered to families at no cost
  • Consultants work a flex schedule and book appointments in conjunction with the family’s availability.
  • Services are provided in the family home.
  • Services occasionally occur in the community or at AiMHi if required.

Why an Infant Development Program?

Usually, a baby from birth to three years develops at a rapid pace. When your baby needs additional support reaching their milestones IDP can help. Future physical, social and intellectual development depends largely on your baby’s early experience within the context of their family. IDP works from a family centered strength based perspective with parents as the experts of their child.


  • Children aged birth to three years
  • Delayed in one or more skill area
  • Children with a diagnosed disability
  • At risk for potential delays
  • Parents with questions/concerns
  • Referred by: Parent, doctor, health nurse, etc.

Participation is voluntary and information shared is confidential.

Referral/ Application Form (PDF)