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Home Sharing

Making a Difference in the life of an adult with developmental disability.

Home Sharing is a contracted service that provides adults with developmental disabilities the opportunity to live in the community. People within a home not only share their home but also each other’s lives. When a decision is made by someone receiving support to choose the Home Sharing program, AiMHi’s role is to seek out the best possible Home Sharing Provider.  We work with home sharing applicants and the person receiving support to ensure a good match.

As a Home Sharing Provider, you would meet the needs of a person with a developmental disability and celebrate their abilities with the belief that each person has their own strengths, needs and potential.  Your role would be to support the person to maximize their potential, realize their dreams, and help them live a satisfying life that is inclusive of their family, friends and community.   You would be responsible for the safety, support and general well-being of the person living with you. Home Sharing may include assistance in self-care, relationship-building, life skills, meal preparation and personal care, as well as the use of community resources, activities and services.

Contractors receive a fee for service, additional funds to be used for respite, and a contribution from the person supported to the monthly expenses of the home. If you would like to learn more about becoming a Home Sharing contractor, contact our Home Sharing Managers at AiMHi, 250-564-6408 or email

We are seeking:

  • Home Sharing Providers in Prince George and Quesnel who would like to make a difference in the life of an adult and create a lasting relationship by sharing your home and your life.
  • Pre-requisites; 19 years of age or older, Class 5 Driver’s License
  • Contactors must acquire; Emergency First Aid and CPR Certificate, Criminal Record Search, Medical clearance and TB Test, Drivers Abstract, Work/character references, Work Safe BC coverage

Karey's Home Share Story ImageKarey’s Home Share Story

“I live a good life in Home Sharing. I get out and about almost every day. One of the highlights is I lost a lot of weight and became a lot healthier since I moved in. I started exercising and watched what I ate and my home share helped me stay on track. I like to be able travel with my Home Share family. I also like being able to take Carefree to go to church or my group. Sometimes my home share drives me to places, too.
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Devin ImageDevins’s Home Share Story

“I have been involved with Home Sharing for about 6 and half years. In this time through the Home Sharing management team I have had privilege to work with a few of other departments at AiMHi, Life Skills, Community Options and the IES workplace training.”
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Kodi Sterling ImageKodi’s Home Share Story

“My name is Kodi. I like home sharing because I get to live on the farm. I like the ducks and horses. We get to go out back and build forts. We get to take our RC out back and build a track. We go camping, fishing, ice fishing and family holidays. I like being a part of the family and the family gathering and even birthday parties. I like that we get taken to town to get my truck fixed. These are some things I like about home sharing.”

Mike’s Home Share Story

“My name is Mike. What I like about home sharing is I get to spend time with the goats on the farm. I like going out back with my RC truck. I like going on trips as a family camping, fishing. I like helping Brent build stuff. I like going out back to look for a xmas tree. I like our family movie night at home. I like it when we go to town and going for a walk to the corner store. I like family gathering and birthdays here.”

Please contact the Home Sharing Coordinator
at 250-564-6408 ext. 254
or email at for more information.

Home Sharing Handbook

Download the Home Sharing Provider Application