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Community Options

The purpose of the Community Options Services are to teach skill development through participation in community oriented activities. These services operate from Monday to Saturday with flexible hours to meet the needs of the people we support. We are able to provide opportunities for bonus/extra hours and assist people in participating in various group community activities.  Some of the various skill development areas that we teach while out in the community include street crossing, purchasing, socializing, making choices, accessing various agencies, and developing friendships.  We also promote and support the people we serve to obtain and maintain volunteer work placements to support their community.

Integration is a major focus of the Community Options.  These services assist individuals with developmental disabilities to develop skills that will enhance their independence and participation in a variety of activities in their community.

  • Community Involvement: The employees work with individuals to assist them in actively participating in community services and opportunities.
  • Relationship Building: Friendship is a valuable element of a full and satisfying lifestyle for everyone.  The employees at Community Options will provide support and assist individuals to build relationships with others.
  • Skills Development: Community Options employees will assist individuals to enhance their skills through a variety of community settings.

What does Community Options have to Offer?

  • Community Options strives to create a friendly and enjoyable atmosphere in order to encourage social participation in the community.
  • Develop social networks and connections with the community.
  • Support systems: Emphasize physical, social and emotional awareness to encourage and promote self-care. This includes but is not limited to areas of: Relationships and communication, personal and professional development, nutrition, movement, exercise and rest.
  • Various activities in the community including: exercise, cooking skills, swimming, various classes, volunteer work, workshops, clubs, and many other recreation related activities.
  • Active communication and cooperation of the person and their support network. Contact and information provided via e-mail, phone, newsletters, Community Options Survey, individual meetings, etc.

We strive to provide the following on an ongoing basis:

  • Be positive role-models
  • Provide emotional support and feedback while promoting social skills by offering the opportunity for people to establish new relationships and maintain current ones.
  • Identify needs and desires of the people receiving services: Work on personal, social and vocational goals using skill development, community networking and integration.

Contact Our Team

For more information contact the Community Options Manager Robin Ehses at 250-564-6408, ext 313.

The Community Options Services are for adults referred by Community Living British Columbia (CLBC).

If you are interested in this service, please call CLBC at 250-645-4065.