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Respitality Program

AiMHi recognizes that many families who care for their special needs child in their home may experience additional financial, physical and emotional stressors.

In response to this we designed a program called ‘Respitality’.  Parents are offered access to a Free Overnight Stay at one of our sponsoring Hotels to rejuvenate while their child accesses respite.

Respite for Children:

Respite care is short term care for a child who has a developmental disability or special needs. In the life of the whole family, it is a precious resource. Respite care gives the child a change in the pace of life, new experiences, and new relationships. It gives the parents a chance to pause and be refreshed; it is time apart that allows parents to focus on their own needs.

In the child’s best interests, the family home is often the preferred place for respite care to be provided. Although many parents may be able to arrange occasional respite care, the cost of an overnight stay away from home for the parents poses an additional and frequently impossible financial burden.

This is where the Respitality Program can help. Participating hotels will donate one night a year to eligible families, free of cost.

Parents who qualify must meet the following criteria:

  • Receive or be on a CLBC or MCFD wait list for AiMHi services
  • Be a parent/grandparent supporting your child who has developmental disabilities or special needs in your own home
  • Have respite organized for your child/children for the night you are requesting to access the Respitality Program
  • Be responsible for expenses such as transportation, meals, telephone, etc. while staying at the hotel

For more information please contact Susan Wilson at 250-564-6408, ext 252 or e-mail:

Our Hotel Sponsors

The Respitality program would not be possible without the generous support of our sponsoring hotel.
  • Pomeroy Inn and Suites