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Conflict Resolution, Grievance and Appeal Process

AiMHi recognizes that on occasion an individual, parent or guardian may have cause for a grievance or complaint relating to a matter of Association policy or quality of services. Under such circumstances, grievance procedures will be implemented as outlined below.

  1. An individual, parent or guardian will discuss the complaint with the appropriate manager/director concerned. It is anticipated that most complaints, differences or allegations will be satisfactorily resolved in this informal manner.
  2. Should an individual, parent or guardian continue to be dissatisfied, it will be necessary to submit the complaint in writing to the Executive Director, or designate.
  3. The Executive Director, or designate, with the assistance of all persons concerned, will investigate the circumstances.
  4. The Executive Director, or designate will give a written decision within 5 working days. If the individual wishes to pursue the complaint further, the Executive Director will then be advised by the individual within 5 working days after the decision of the Executive Director.
    If the Grievance relates to a policy of the Association, the Executive Director will forward the complaint to the Executive Committee.
    If the Grievance relates to a service issue, the Executive Director shall forward the complaint to the funding ministry.
  5. The Executive Committee will hand down a decision within 5 days of the regularly scheduled Executive Committee meeting and such a decision will be final.
  6. If you are not satisfied with the final decision, AiMHi personnel will assist you in contacting relevant authorities,including but not limited to:
    • the CLBC/MCFD Representative;
    • the Child, Youth and Family Advocate;
    • the Ombudsman;
    • the Children’s Commission;
    • the information and Privacy Commission;
    • the local Licensing Officer;
    • Service Quality Advocate
  7. There will be no retaliation for making comments.