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Vision, Mission & Values

Vision Statement

One Community – One Vision

Mission Statement

AiMHi provides opportunities and supports to people who have special needs and their families. Our culture empowers all people, both those we support and those we employ to live their best lives at work, at home and in the community. Strong communities recognize and celebrate the value of all citizens.

Values Statements

  1. At the heart of AiMHi is the fundamental belief that the organization’s role is to help people achieve a good life.
  2. The foundation of AiMHi is a culture of excellence, innovation and celebration.
  3. The individual development of every person contributes to the success and future of AiMHi.
  4. AiMHi supports people to feel confident, empowered and connected to others around them.
  5. AiMHi builds community through the development of respectful, supportive relationships and partnerships.
  6. AiMHi supports people to define opportunities, make choices and challenge limitations.
  7. AiMHi believes that advocating for positive social change contributes to a stronger, healthier community for everyone.

2021-2026 Strategic Plan

AiMHi Strategic Plan – 2021-2026