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AiMHi, Prince George Association for Community Living, was formed by a group of concerned parents in 1957 who envisioned “Community Living” for their children. This vision included; a desire to have their children taught within a public school system, a facility that provides respite services for their children, having their family members returned from institutions to neighbourhoods in their family’s community, daytime activities for their adult children to ensure they felt like valued and contributing members of society and finally, services that provide safe and knowledgeable care.

During the last several decades, AiMHi has aspired to meet these visions. We have grown and developed into what we are today. AiMHi is a non-profit agency funded by Community Living British Columbia and Ministry of Children and Family Development.

AiMHi provides a wide range of services to children, youth, adults, and families. These services include residential living options, employment services, family support services, life skills teaching programs, Infant Development, child and youth respite and community inclusion services.